New York and Company Closet subscription Review

I was interested to try the New York and Company Closet rental box because the store that was in our mall closed down.  I have tried other boxes in the past but they were mostly ridiculously priced items (I am a working mom).  I knew New York and Company was reasonably priced so I thought – hey lets give it a try.  I originally started the subscription in April 2018 so I am into month four at this point.  With taxes added the subscription is $53.45 and you pay for any items you choose to keep.


I loved their clothes before I ever ordered the subscription, so I knew that it was classic/trendy items that would be in the boxes.

This is a rental subscription so you don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to

If you do choose to buy it’s at a discounted price

You get to change up your wardrobe each month with new items

There are a variety of options to choose from to put in your closet and new items are added two or three times a week


They’d have you believe that turn around is super quick – it’s not.  Even though you can “return notify them” it’s still going to take about a week to get another shipment.  For instance – If I notify them on Monday (and actually put it in the mail on Monday) – the new box won’t get back to me until Friday or Saturday – sometimes even Monday of the next week.   My shipments come from Ohio so maybe if your closer it won’t take as long?

If rental clothing is an issue – this isn’t the box for you

There’s only one membership option

While you can choose items as priority it’s never guaranteed that you’ll get these items – I’ve had eight shipments and I think I’ve received two priority options.  The first box I got a priority item out the gate but I’ve not been so lucky since then.


I have had a really good experience with the service.  As a working mom it helps to get rid of wearing the same old clothes every week and as my weight changes it allows me to work with different sizes.  I will continue to use the service in the coming months.  Below are photos of some of the items I’ve gotten from NY and Company Closet.






Restarting the Dream

Oh my its been so long since I’ve blogged its not even funny!  But trying to get back on the horse.  Life is still very much insane!  And I’ve added to the insanity.  I am the mom now of three, yes three, rambunctious little boys – Not so little Hanson (12), Medium Sized Zach (7) and very tiny Noah (4 months) – that statement in itself lets you know I am slightly crazed.  We also have one furry baby that we got back in July of 2014.  My big guy Stan also adds to the mix and together we are one heck of a family in a very crowded village! Without them I’d be lost!

This will be a random blog.  Please don’t look for rhyme or reason I am just going to be writing what’s on my heart at that time!  It will mostly focus on life as a thirty year old Mom with lots of kid stories.  Happy Days ahead!

Best Regards,